This week, I’ve been speaking with a lot more people than I had planned to. The conversations have been similar, the concerns, the fear, the anger, and the frustration were all too familiar. I get it, I often have these same feelings. I want action and I want to see things happening right now.

But, that’s not the reality. What’s going on in our world, is massive. And the bigger something is, the longer it takes to change its course. So what can you do right now? How can you stay the course? How can keep going when it seems to be getting harder and harder.

The key is always to be properly informed. You have to take the time to dig and when you do, you will find nuggets that are very encouraging. And as you find those nuggets, you will want to be sharing them with your friends and family. That will give you a powerful sense of purpose and you’ll transition your frustration into passion.

That is what I have done.. that is how I remain passionate even in the face of hardship. If it works for me, I know it will work for you too. More on this in this episode of Coach’s Corner.

We're making an impact!




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